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Code of ethics

The Assosiation of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in Finland has published the code of ethics in 2006. The code is based on the IFBLS code of ethics.

IFBLS Code of Ethics

Biomedical Laboratory Scientists shall:

  • Be dedicated to the use of clinical laboratory science to benefit mankind

  • Actively seek to establish cooperative and specific working relationships with other health professionals

  • Provide expertise to advise and counsel other health professionals

  • Maintain strict confidentiality of patient information and test results

  • Safeguard the dignity and privacy of patients

  • Be responsible for the logical process from the acquisition of the specimen to the production of data and the final report of the test result

  • Be accountable for the quality and integrity of clinical laboratory services

  • Exercise professional judgement, skill and care while meeting established standards

  • Uphold and maintain the dignity and respect of the profession and strive to maintain a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability

  • Strive to improve professional skills and knowwledge and adopt scientific advances that benefit the patient and improve the delivery of test results

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Code of ethics